The Faithful Collection

A portion of the Faithful Collection which also includes Angels, Bible Covers and Doves. Each cross was made out of a article of clothing.

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Product Description

Cross: approx: 16” x 12” starting at $25.00 / with keepsake pocket: $30.00
Dove: approx: 8” x 6” starting at 14.00 / with keepsake pocket: $20.00

Additional items in the faithful Collection can include Angels, Bible Covers, Picture Frames for Holy Communion Pictures, Baptismal Pictures, Bar/Bat Mitvias Pictures, Confirmation Pictures, etc. The fabric used is most often the Baptism Gown, Holy Communion, Bar/Bat Mitzvah dress or suit. Our design team will guide you in creating your unique and personalized keepsake.

Always remember that ANY keepsake can be embellished with personal items such as jewelry, pins, broaches, buttons, embroidery, pictures, etc. We will be happy to quote you a price on your embellished keepsake.