The Heartfelt Collection

The front of the pillow was made out of a favorite suit coat with the buttons and the back side of the pillow was made out of his favorite shirt also with the buttons.

The Green Floral Hearts were made from a loved one'sĀ favorite jacket. Notice the photo album covered in the same fabric and the small heart attached. Each family member received a pillow and a photo album from her favorite jacket that the family just could not part with.

Product Description

The Heartfelt Collection consists of heart shaped pillows with or without a keepsake pocket.

Small:___ starting at $20.00 with keepsake pocket: $25.00
Medium:___starting at $27.00 with keepsake pocket: $32.00
Large:___ starting at $35.00 with keepsake pocket: $40.00

Always remember that ANY keepsake can be embellished with personal items such as jewelry, pins, broaches, embroidery, pictures, etc. We will be happy to quote you a price for your embellished keepsake.