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Paw Print Collection

We cannot forget about our four legged friends!

Product Description

The Fabric of the Heart  team are all animal lovers and “pet parents”.  Each of us have experienced the death of a beloved four legged family member.  Let us transform a favorite blanket or pillow into a beautiful and heartfelt keepsake.  We have made pillows, blankets, leashes, picture frames for your favorite picture, memory boxes and so much more.  Any “PAW PRINT” keepsake can be made to hold a portion of cremains.  And with all our keepsakes, we can embellish your “PAW PRINT” Keepsake with a favorite toy, leash or picture and embroidery.  We will be happy to listen to your story and give you ideas.

Fabric of Heart has even taken a favorite article of clothing that belonged to the “pet parent” and transformed that clothing into a pillow, a blanket, a pet toy and a collar.  Again, let us discuss the options, and not forget about “all the family members” who share and feel the loss

Dog Toys starting at $10.00
Blankets starting at $20.00
For all other requests, please call or submit an order form for a custom quote.