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“My Father was know for his flannel shirts and jeans, even in summer.  After his passing we were faced with the challenge of cleaning his closets and organizing his personal effects.  None of us looked forward to doing this.   It was like loosing him all over again.  He had four  flannel shirts he loved, each of them given to him as Christmas gifts. He also had his favorite pair of jeans with an elastic waist.  We could not part with his flannel shirts or the jeans.  So, my sister took two of the shirts and I two shirts and his jeans, everything else was donated.  His clothes hung in the closet for a few months until we heard about Fabric of the Heart.  We hesitantly contacted them, not knowing what to expect.  After a consultation with Kevin and Linda, it was determined that we would make pillows out of his four flannel shirts and lucky jeans.  My pillow and my sister's pillow holds a small portion of Dad's cremains.  Each of his five grandchildren have their own pillows as well.  This is so much better than having his favorite clothes hang in the closet.  The craftsmanship, sewing and  idea are phenomenal.  The prices were more than reasonable and the pillow keepsakes were returned to us within about a week and each was beautifully wrapped.  Sally's pillow sits on Dad's recliner in her family room and my pillow is on my bed.”

Best Regards,
The Family of Stanley W. Pajda

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Product Description

We will custom design any size pillow based on your personal preferences. Please note that pillows can be made in any size and shape. Many times people will choose multiple fabrics for one pillow. As with any keepsake, we can design your pillow with a keepsake pocket.

Small: starting at 15.00 / with keepsake pocket: $20.00
Medium: starting at $22.00 / with keepsake pocket: $27.00
Large: starting at $30.00 / with keepsake pocket: $35.00
(* Please note that the actual size of the small, medium and large pillows will depend on the cut and shape of each pillow.) We will be happy to discuss these options with you.

Always remember that ANY keepsake can be embellished with personal items such as jewelry, pins, broaches, buttons, embroidery, pictures, etc. We will be happy to quote you on a price for your embellished keepsake.