“Loosing my Dad was very difficult for me and my family. We were always a very close family who shared everything.  Months after the funeral  we had to begin the process of cleaning out the closet and organizing his personal belongings.  It was like loosing him all over again. All of his favorite clothes had stories attached to them.  Before we knew it, the pile of must keep clothing was bigger than the pile of clothing to donate.  Through the internet, my sister-in-law heard of Fabric of the Heart.  So, his two favorite sports jackets, four shirts, his lucky jeans, and favorite ties and pajamas are now crosses,  eight heart shaped pillows, each holding a small portion of his ashes, and four teddy bears for the grandchildren.  The quality of the craftsmanship is incredible and the attention to details is spot on.  Even the buttons were used as eyes.  On my parents 45th wedding anniversary, my Mom gave my Dad a pair of Gold and Black Onyx Cuff Links that were sewn into her pillow.  This is a beautiful concept allowing us to keep his favorite clothing near to heart.  Thank you Kevin and Linda.”

Pamela S. Stanwick
Batavia, New York

“My daughter wore my weeding gown for her wedding, which truly touched my heart.  My granddaughter did not like the style of the gown and wanted to wear “her own wedding gown”.  So that my wedding gown could be part of the day’s celebration,  Fabric of the Heart made ring bearers pillows, the flower girls basket, the boutonnieres and handkerchiefs  for the groomsmen and ribbon that held the programs together.  All the Brides Maids received a had sewn cachet embroidered with their initials.   We were amazed at the concept, the creativity and the attention to detail.  Linda, at my request, managed to use all the lace and beading as well. As a gift to the bride & Groom they even received a keepsake wedding album covered in the same wedding dress.     Beautiful ! Just Beautiful!”
Shirley Littlefield
Springfield, Mass.

“Fabric of the Heart transformed my wife’s two favorite dress suites into heart shaped pillows, a cross, and several small teddy bears. These were articles of Marcia’s clothing she loved and I could not part with.  This is a beautiful and heart warming  way to retain what is important. ”
Lester Witek
Kenmore, New York

“I had stored in my attic my three children’s christening gowns. I actually had no idea what I was going to do with it, but at the same time I knew it had such sentimental value to me.  We were in the process of down-sizing and I knew not everything could be packed up for our new home.  My children just kept telling me to hold on to the gown……..but why?  My cousin told be she read about Fabric of the Heart so I decided to make the call.  I shipped the gown, somewhat fearful to Buffalo New York.  What I received was unbelievable.  They made six little pillows, and the most adorable teddy bears.  All the lace and little jewels were nicely attached to each item.  My children loved their gifts and couldn’t  each gift was made from their christening  gown.   This concept is so personalized and beautiful.”
Ludecki Family
Baltimore, Maryland

“Fabric of the Heart made beautiful teddy bears for my grandchildren out of my deceased’s sons favorite shirts.  he was 47 when he passed in 2014.  These shirts remained in his closet due to the fact that his eldest son  (who was 13) could not part with them.  My grandchildren, assisted by Linda, helped design their own personalized teddy bears.  This was so heartfelt and my daughter-in-law still tells me each child has their bear on their bed.   Thank you so very much.”
The Kramer and Nowicki Families
West Seneca, New York

“Amazing! beautiful and detailed work.  We ordered heart shapped pillows, each holds a small portion of Frank’s ashes and the grandchildren have a combination of teddy bears and doves.  All made with great attention to detail and it only took about 3 weeks.  Great concept.”
Gloria Morgante
Buffalo, New York

” I read about this highly personalized and unique concept in the news paper.  As a Funeral Director I immediately saw the value in being able to present these keepsakes to our families.  Thus far we have ordered the crosses, the pillows and teddy bears and gave them to our families. Any one receiving these keepsakes will not have a dry eye when they see how beautiful their loved one clothing was transformed.  I was also amazed at the presentation and they even included a gift card representing our Funeral Home.”     Nice concept!
William Ellis
Naples, Florida