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Kevin M. Mason is the owner and founder of Fabric Of The Heart.

Kevin Mason & Linda Colburn
Kevin Mason & Linda Colburn

Kevin is a NYS Licensed Funeral Director, Minister, Registered Officiant and Life Story Celebrant. He established G.O.A.L.S (Going On After Loss Successfully), Author of  Stepping Stones Through Grief,  and is active in many local and civic organizations.  I have always believed that being a Funeral Director is a ministry and out of the desire to continually serve families FABRIC OF THE HEART was born.   often during my follow up visits with families, I  hear “that was Mom’s favorite outfit” or Dad’s favorite shirt”, “I just can’t part with these personal items”.   Therefore, I thought how can I help?  how can this fabric be turned into a treasured keepsake?

What if you gave me these articles of clothing and I was able to transform each article of clothing into a beautiful keepsake that would be cherished and treasured forever?  To make this a reality, I knew there was one person who would share my vision and passion in this area.  I called my friend Linda and before we knew it FABRIC OF THE HEART was born.

As a Funeral Director my mission was to transform your loved ones favorite article(s) of clothing into a beautiful keepsake.  Maybe a pillow, a cross, a teddy bear, a dove, a photo album, a memory chest , an angel or a picture frame.  Whatever the family envisioned, we would create.  Perhaps one would want their keepsake to have a pocket to hold personal belongings or if the deceased was cremated the keepsake could hold a portion of the cremains.

After many brainstorming meetings with Linda, we realized why not offer this highly personalized and unique service to anyone who would like to transform an article or articles of clothing into a beautiful keepsake?  For example,  two individuals pulled their wedding gowns out of storage and Linda went to work.  Out of these wedding gowns she made ring bearer pillows for a grandsons wedding, fabric boutonnieres, pillows, photo albums, memory chests, wedding favors, picture frames and so much more.

We will create whatever you would like out of any fabric of clothing.  Our creativity is limited only to your imagination.  If you have a loved ones favorite article of clothing, a special fabric, a Wedding Gown, a Baptismal/ Christening Gown, a Holy Communion Suit, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Outfit, even your four legged friends favorite blanket, consider letting FABRIC OF THE HEART create a beautiful keepsake for you or to give as a gift.  If you would like, we can embellish your keepsake with personal items.  For example, buttons, pins, broaches, cuff links, pictures, embroidery, etc.

In our life time we love,  we celebrate,  and we mourn.  There will always be tears of happiness and tears of sorrow. Perhaps, the mission and vision of FABRIC OF THE HEART will allow us to hold on to &  continue to celebrate and honor  all these memories by creating cherished  and time honored keepsakes out of what is precious to each of us.

Linda Colburn is the Creative Designer at FABRIC OF THE HEART. Linda has been a crafter all of her life.  “Sewing has always been a relaxing hobby for me”.  She has raised three children and made most of their  clothing and now she is doing the same for her grandchildren.  Linda is a very imaginative, and creative person.  “I love the idea of being able to take any fabric and transform it into a heartfelt keepsake- what ever that may be”.  For years Linda has been designing and creating anything from clothing to jewelry to fine linens.  She is an established seamstress and pattern marker.  FABRIC OF THE HEART  has been very rewarding for me because I have the opportunity to meet people, listen to them share memories about the article(s) of clothing and what they would like created.  Then I go to work to make the clients dream a reality. Every keepsake has its own pattern which is hand cut, filled and most often hand sewn. When I suggest to people to use personal items such as buttons, broaches, pins, etc. most people are amazed at what can be done.  I was thrilled when Kevin approached me about this venture. By word of mouth alone, people are contacting us to discuss the options. FABRIC OF THE HEART is a beautiful concept in helping people preserve memories through fabric.  I have assembled a team of expert pattern makers and seamstresses to assist in creating your keepsake.